Why did you change jobs?

My previous job was working for a manufacturer. Although it was not a high-income job, it was a stable position and I was not dissatisfied with the work, but I felt slightly unfulfilled when I thought about the future.

I had been interested in becoming a patent attorney since I was in university, but I was only halfway through my career as a manufacturer, and I was only able to continue working as a patent attorney on the side while I was working for a manufacturer.

I decided to give up the stability of my previous job and take the plunge for once in my life, although my parents were against it.

What I like about this job.

In this job, there are times when I have a moment of “inspiration” and can turn things

around. I feel very good and feel like all my efforts up to that point have paid off in one shot.

I have to update my knowledge every time laws are revised, the knowledge required for each client is different, and there are many other things that I find difficult, but the rewards are well worth it.

About the workplace atmosphere

It is a business-like, dry workplace

We are paid according to our results, so we each do our work as we please according to our own pace and work volume. I guess the fact that I can make free time on weekdays and take a vacation to go on a trip is more pleasant than working for a manufacturer.

Things are decided top-down, so changing the environment itself is not as difficult as I thought it would be.

We have a system called “Suggestions for Improvement.” Anyone can make a suggestion, and all suggestions are reviewed by a group of leaders, including the director, and a decision to adopt or reject is made within a week, and all employees are informed. Therefore, there is no need to make a proposal and not know its progress.