Patent・Utility model

We support the acquisition of patent rights for inventions such as products and manufacturing methods, and utility model rights for ideas (minor inventions).

Our experienced patent attorneys will listen to the technical content and dig deeper to discover the true inventions contained in the technology.

We understand the client’s business content and strategy, and create application documents to acquire rights that can contribute to the development of the business.

We will actively propose items that we believe will be effective in improving the quality of application documents.

On the other hand, if it is not always suitable to file an application, we will not be obsessed with filing and will propose other better means.

We also support the acquisition of patent rights in foreign countries based on our extensive experience.

We will solve these problems

I have developed a new product, but I do not know where the invention is.

Experienced patent attorneys discover inventions. Please feel free to contact us.

As a result of the search, similar prior art was discovered. Should I give up on patent applications?

Based on the analysis of the prior art and the comparison with the invention, we will help you discover the application points and connect the invention to the patent application.

I want to consult about a new product, but I don’t know what to prepare.

If you prepare products and drawings, it is possible to discover inventions. For large products, we will visit your company.


We will consider your business and advise you on how to protect it.

Whether the entire article should be one design, whether it is better to protect only a part of the article, and what kind of variations should be considered, etc. We support multifaceted and strategic design applications utilizing , partial designs, and related designs.

We also support intellectual property MIX strategies that protect new technologies by combining patents, designs, and trademarks according to the client’s business content.

We will solve these problems

・I have developed a new product, can I obtain a design right?What kind of design rights should be acquired to prevent new products from being imitated by other companies?・Should patents be obtained because it is a technology?

Please contact us first.


We support the acquisition of trademark rights for the names of products and services (naming and logos).

After interviewing the client and hearing about the name they plan to use and the nature of their business, we will advise them on a trademark application policy that is suitable for them.

We will support the selection of designated goods and designated services in consideration of future business development policies and plans.

If there is no distinctiveness or if it is judged that registration is difficult due to a preliminary survey, we will give specific advice on proposed changes such as naming that will lead to registration.

We also support the acquisition of trademark rights in foreign countries based on our extensive experience.