If you want to do IP in Higashi-Mikawa, Shinmei!

Abundant and Diverse Clients

We are constantly in touch with cutting-edge technology and can handle a wide range of inventions in a wide variety of fields.

Skilled and Personable Colleagues

Good colleagues make life meaningful. We want to be an organization where each person can self-manage his or her own role while helping each other and improving each other through friendly competition.

Human resource development system cultivated over many years of experience

We assist your personal growth. We help even inexperienced person to acquire the necessary knowledge in a comprehensive manner so that they can demonstrate their strengths. We have a system in place for continuous study through participation in workshops held by various intellectual property organizations (such as the Japan Intellectual Property Association) as well as in-house training sessions.

Partner System Paves the Way for Future Management

“Century” of Shinmei Century is a declaration of our will for continuity. We want to be an organization that can be continued 100 years from now, with multiple generations continuing to pass the baton. To this end, we have adopted a partner system, under which anyone can become a partner if they have a proven track record. The articles of incorporation stipulate that no child within the third degree of kinship of a partner may join the firm, making it a non-family-owned business.

Work Environment

Colleagues who work with us

Patent Attorney (joined in 2012)

Patent Engineer (Joined in 2014)

Selection Process

  1. web-based recruiting

    Selection will be made based on the data you send us.

    Those who pass the screening will be informed of the details of the interview.

  2. Interview

    Please bring your resume, work history, and statement of purpose on the day of the interview. Interview dates and times are negotiable.

  3. Offer of employment and entry into the company

    We will inform you of the result as soon as possible after the interview. We will consult with you about the date of your entry into the company.


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