What I like about this job

[About my work]

When a patent application that I assisted in drafting is granted a patent, or when I see the invention of the patent application on the street, I feel proud to have been involved in the patent invention. Also, as I learn more and more about my job, I acquire specialized knowledge, so I think I will have less trouble in the future.


[About working environment]

We are responsible for providing good quality services to our clients and cannot compromise on work quality or deadlines. Therefore, for example, we may have to work overtime or work on holidays when we have a lot of work to do.

On the other hand, when I have some time to spare, I can leave early or take a day off as I wish. I often leave early on Fridays at noon to give myself some time off, since my days off take precedence over time with my family.

About the Workplace Atmosphere

Technical staff and administrative staff work on separate floors, but the floor for technical staff has a calm atmosphere where they can concentrate on their work all day long.

Of course, daily conversations and discussions on work-related matters often take place, but when discussing work-related matters, there is an atmosphere of “exchanging opinions based on respect for individual ideas,” regardless of age or position.

Therefore, it is easy to consult with supervisors and other employees regarding work-related issues and reach a satisfactory conclusion through discussion.

All staff members work with a sense of responsibility and autonomy, and there is a good sense of distance between them.


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