Patent Attorney
Michio Nagato

Patent Attorney

Michio Nagato

I try to understand each client’s thoughts and feelings about obtaining a patent, and I try to provide a friendly and helpful service.

In my practice, I try to research and understand the client’s industry as much as possible, rather than simply relying on the client’s proposal. At times, I also try out the client’s products willingly and experience them for myself. I believe that by doing so, I am able to understand how the client came up with the invention. I am striving to do my best to meet our clients’ needs with a fresh approach and a strong body, fully utilizing my youthfulness.

Technical Area  Specialized Fields

mechanical system

Academic Career

Completion of Micro-Nano Systems Course, Pre-Master’s degree, Graduate school of Engineering, Nagoya University

Professional Career
Joined a metal manufacturer in 2010

Engaged in production technology of metal products from 2010 to 2012

Joined Patent Firm Shinmei Century in 2012

Registered as Patent Attorney in 2014 (19798)

Promoted to Group Leader in 2021
フレッシュ委員会 委員