Chairman, Representative Partner / Patent Attorney
Naohisa Kaneko

Chairman, Representative Partner / Patent Attorney

Naohisa Kaneko

In July 2022, I took the opportunity of the change in the name of the firm in accordance with the revision of the Patent Attorney Law and my 60th birthday to step down from my position as the president of the firm, which I had held for 27 years, and assume the new position of the chairman. Intellectual property services require long-term support, and continuity as a patent attorney corporation (patent firm) involved in such services is a major responsibility. The name of our firm “Century” is a declaration of this intention, and I have taken it upon myself to follow it. As Chairman, I will continue to support Director Mr. Hashimoto from behind the scenes.

There are two things I think of as the chairman.

First, it is true that we will continue to be a comprehensive office for intellectual property rights (industrial property rights) in this region. I will continue to be a patent firm (patent attorney corporation) that handles not only patents and trademarks, but also designs, utility models, and foreign applications. I believe that “Shinmei” has a role in undertaking a wide range of intellectual property operations not only in Japan but also in foreign countries, such as not only filing applications to obtain rights but also conducting searches to determine whether rights can be obtained, whether they can be implemented, providing information, filing oppositions, various trials, expert opinions, warnings, litigation, etc. This is because the lack of one of these supports will make the protection of intellectual property in this region inadequate. This requires a certain amount of office size and the ability of the people that make up it. I will continue to support Director Mr. Hashimoto in maintaining and improving this structure. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that IP activities in the region can be adequately carried out.

Second, we utilize intellectual property.

We have applied for a patent, but…. In many cases, this is the case.

It is still necessary to link IP activities to our client’s profits. We are making a number of efforts to achieve this. For example, we are selling rights that are no longer needed. There are rights that are no longer needed after being converted into rights. If there is a third party who wants those rights, we support transferring them at a fair price. Although it is difficult to conclude a transaction with the agreement of both parties, there have been several cases in which we have been able to conclude such transactions. In each case, both parties were pleased.

We are developing a unique service called “IP Emergence Partner”. We will omit a detailed explanation of this service, but it is intended to improve your company’s intellectual property capabilities and business performance through ongoing intellectual property activities. We hope to create as many successful companies as possible regarding IP activities in this region.

Technical Area  Specialized Fields


Academic Career

Graduated from Department of Industrial Administration, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Scienc

Professional Career

Joined a precision instrument manufacturer in 1985

Engaged in development and design of word processors and other programs in the development and design department from 1985 to 1990

Transferred to the Intellectual Property Department and engaged in intellectual property business in 1995

Registered as a patent attorney in 1992 (10304)

Established Kaneko International Patent Office in November 1995

Registered with note of infringement lawsuits counsel in 2004

Changed to Patent Firm Shinmei Century in July 2006 


We conduct seminars both inside and outside the company for intellectual property department members and engineers on intellectual property law, patent practice, and the significance of intellectual property activities.
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